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The most interesting applications empowered by Twitter

We have prepared an info-graphic showing the most interesting applications in Twitter ecosystem. We have also come to some interesting conclusions from this data.

This year already saw a 600% growth in 3rd party Twitter apps. It is most certain because of the Twitter’s introduction of the OAuth authentication, instead of Basic auth, which enabled the users to log into 3rd party apps without the need to give login or password. This move forced developers to sign up their applications, resulting in more accurate application count.

While the majority of users (78%) use to tweet, the majority of the content is generated by the 3rd party apps (75%). It is most likely due to the sheer amount of feeds plugged to Twitter, as well as the content from the high-tweeting power users that prefer 3rd party tools like TweetDeck, HootSuite or Seesmic.

The most used mobile client is the ÜberTwitter for the BlackBerry platform. It has the biggest userbase and the most followers on Twitter (see the pie charts [5] and [7]).

On the graphics below you can see the icons of the most interesting applications split into 3 wind turbines empowered by the Twitter birds. The turbines symbolise applications sending data to Twitter (first turbine on the left), applications using data from Twitter (middle turbine) and sending and receiving data from Twitter (last turbine on the right).

Below the turbines you can see diagrams expressing popularity of Twitter clients for desktop and mobile. With our graphs you can see the difference in amount of applications followers and their % of users within Twitter. The info-graphic ends with a diagram displaying the growth of the amount of applications in the ecosystem along with the growth of Twitter. We hope this info-graphic will help you find proper tools to empower your Twitter experience.


Twitter clients for desktop and mobile:

  • Brizzly – a simple, friendly view on your social life
  • HootSuit – social media dashboard
  • Seesmic – manage your social networks everywhere
  • TweetDeck – another social media dashboard
  • TweetCaster – the #1 must-have Twitter app for Android
  • Echofon – full featured, super clean Twitter client
  • ÜberTwitter – highly functional Twitter client for mobile

Business applications:

Applications using Twitter data – statistics, analysis, papers:

Applications sending data to Twitter:

  • TwtPoll – creates a surveys and polls on Twitter
  • PollDaddy – creates a surveys, polls, quizzes and ratings
  • GroupTweet – allows tweeting to private groups
  • TwitterFeed – feeds your blog to twitter

Twitter backgrounds:



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