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Why Facebook is not the best idea for your business

Facebook is a giant company that lures businesses with its 600 million users, more coming every day. The world went crazy about Facebook. We can scan QR codes with smartphones just to like the brand or product, the like button is a necessity on every page, and when a company doesn’t have a Facebook fan page, users become uneasy. But does Facebook bring revenue? Yes, if you are from the entertainment industry, or are Zynga, the Facebook gaming giant. However, all other companies can count only on increasing their brand awareness, but not really on a constant increase in sales.

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Improved Facebook

Facebook is growing bigger and bigger. The funding for the company was increasing and reached $1.5B in the round from January 2011. Facebook became “the company” for investors, marketers, PR experts and job seekers. Already in 2007 Facebook was accused of stealing Googlers.

In February 2010 NBC reported about Google moving further from Silicon Valley to avoid employees migration. The amount of Facebook users reached 500 million, which is only 300 million short from the whole Europe’s population. This fact drew the attention of clients seeking marketers and PR experts. I already described some of the Facebook campaigns in my previous article.

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Google Earth in social environment

Google is usually not too social. The Buzz that they launched didn’t catch on like Twitter or Facebook, and even though we all use the Google Search, I have an impression it’s becoming an old, web 1.0 company. Of course, I am not taking into account the smartphone market, where Android is the most serious competitor of Apple’s iOS.

Having said that, I decided to check out what Google has been up to. They have an extremely wide range of products, so I focused on Google Earth and started digging. First, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that so many new features appeared in Google Earth. There are possibilities to explore not only the Earth, but also Mars, Moon, Sky and the Oceans. From “hot” things you can see the Tsunami wave, which hit Japan, or climate change animation. But is there any social networking inside Google Earth? Not too much, just a bit.

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