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How top star Lady Gaga uses social media for promotion

Lady Gaga is a worldwide-known singer. She is one of these stars who are not scared of trying something completely new and very extravagant. We remember how she shook the media with her meat dress or labour imitation, while singing “Born This Way”. Gaga’s hair bows became her symbol, just like the phrase “monsters”, which she uses to call her fans. But she is not the first star who shocked to gain more publicity — remember Madonna? These ladies know how to play media game’s and lately Gaga has proven that she is also effective in using internet and the social media.

Two days ago Gaga released her new album “Born This Way”. The promotion of the album and herself started much earlier. On the 17th GagaVille went live. GagaVille is a virtual Lady Gaga world created by Zynga. The virtual world is a game where Facebookers can buy sheeps on motorcycles, unicorns and, just like in an extremely popular FarmVille, fans can expand their farms. Lady Gaga posts regularly new things that can be unlocked on GagaVille. Quite often, the new items gave players a possibility to listen to the new songs that were, at that time, an up coming records. Players can also win some prizes. So far, there are 21,000 people who liked the game on Facebook.

On 18th, so a day later, Starbucks, together with Yahoo, also “went Gaga”. We could read on the Starbucks blog:

“On Monday, there’ll be a Gaga takeover of the Starbucks Digital Network in partnership with Yahoo!, where we’ll be giving away a limited number of downloads for her new song “The Edge of Glory” to the first little monsters to claim them.”

The companies also started a Starbucks game called SRCH. The game lasts from May 19th to June 7th, and little monsters can win many prizes, and one lucky person can even meet Lady Gaga. All they need to do is scan a QR code with a smartphone, hidden in various places or sites of Yahoo and Starbucks. This definitely boosted traffic of Yahoo sites, visits to Starbucks coffee shops, and of course interest in Lady Gaga and her album.

All the news were spreading through the web creating a desired buzz effect. Then, on 20th of May The Gilt Group, a company that designs unique Gaga outfits, posted a behind-the-scenes video on Facebook. Of course, the news were also written on Gaga’s Facebook wall along with a link to a cool mosaic, done out of the fans’ pictures, composing the cover of “Born This Way” album. Hence, the fans could find their pictures embedded on the Lady Gaga’s newest album cover and buy the outfits created for her.

The next day on the Facebook wall appeared a YouTube viral video promoting GagaVille. The video
was actually online from the 16th, and by today it hit 700,146 views.

You would think that’s a lot of Gaga! Well you’re right, but she was just warming up and soon appeared on “Saturday Night Live” show (SNL). The show is extremely popular, so her appearance there was already a huge publicity for Gaga brand. The videos from the SNL appeared on YouTube in no time, gathering more and more interest and creating even bigger buzz. The funny gig she did with Madonna was spreading perfectly through social networks, like a virus of course.

On her official YouTube channel we can also see her singing live on SNL. She sang two songs, and I tracked the amount of views of “Judas” video on the 23rd of May (day of the new album release) and today (25th of May) to check how Gaga’s social media buzz affected the views of her song.

Moreover, Gaga joined media efforts with Google and promoted the Google brand in her GagaVision video, by jumping happily when she got a Google T-shirt. She also appears in a promo video for Google Chrome:

The video is composed of fans pictures and videos making it even more interesting for the “little monsters” and the rest of Gaga-neutral population. So far it has been viewed 986,916 times. The idea of embedding fans pictures and videos into your promotion is extremely effective, because people love to watch themselves in a famous spot and those who aren’t there love the idea of some regular person getting so much publicity, just for being a loyal fan. This definitely increases the bond with the singer and encourages the fans to create more Gaga related videos and activities on the web. Of course now, since Gaga showed her excitement about Google and Chrome, most of her fans will follow similar emotions, giving Google more users.

A while ago, Gaga also used another golden viral rule. She put a video of her and a small girl named Maria Aragon, singing together. Videos of children are extremely effective as virals and if you combine them with a superstar like Gaga, no doubt it will create a big stir in the social media.

Even without checking the exact effects of all these promotional efforts, I am sure Gaga’s new album will sell very well and her popularity will grow. But I thought you may not be so convinced so I checked how is it working so far.

Within just two days Gaga got thousands new Twitter followers, Facebook fans and views of her YouTube channel. This is definitely a beginning of a big success.


Article highlights

  • Lady Gaga is the hottest pop singer building her popularity by shocking like Madonna
  • Gaga and her marketing team crafted amazing social media album campaign
  • Pop star teamed up in her campaign with Zynga, Yahoo, Starbucks and Google to create a huge buzz enlarged by other events, like being a guest at SNL

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