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Monthly Archives: June 2011

How Google plans to make Facebook irrelevant

It’s been a while since the Facebook and Google battle started. At first, it was quiet, then it begin to grow, catching media attention. About 7 months ago we could read about employees of Google being stolen by Facebook, or Google blocking the import of Gmail contacts to Facebook, or Facebook creating it’s own Gmail. Even I wrote some about this conflict, read the article about Facebook vs. Google.

Since that time, Facebook has become the main source of traffic for many websites, taking place of Google search. It also gave a possibility to advertise your fan page, similarly to Google AdWords. Yesterday, Google responded in a huge way. It showed a demo of its upcoming Google+ social network. Let’s take a look how it competes with Facebook.

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How to make your website social

Are you thinking of starting a company website, or maybe just writing a popular blog, but don’t really know how to make it social? And you look at the sites like Mashable and see a lot of social networks icons, and you wonder — are all of them really necessary? Which ones are the most important? And most of all, you ask yourself, how do I put my site online and connect these important buttons?

Don’t worry, I will guide you through all the hot plugins and buttons you should add to your site, just like the rest of the top sites and blogs.

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Is Apple becoming better source of consumer data than Facebook?

Facebookers like things, share things with their friends, divide their friends into groups, comment on things, play games and even sell and buy things via the Marketplace. All these activities leave a trace within the Facebook system. These traces are analysed by Facebook to give its advertisers an amazing opportunity to target specific groups of people. You liked a website, posted a video with the music of a band that always put you in a good mood, commented on some brand’s page and Facebook infers: you like that site, your like that music, and your attitude towards that brand’s page can be extracted using sentiment analysis.

Moreover, your friends see what you did and react giving Facebook even more data, from which it can conclude who of your friends share similar tastes. This is a very powerful information for marketers, who can target easier and more effectively convert leads into new customers. This is also one of the biggest advantages of Facebook. No one else has such information, and Facebook doesn’t allow developers to gather this data, unless users explicitly agree to it. But after the yesterdays Steve Job’s keynote, the question is: can Apple get even more valuable consumer information and move Facebook from the position of the most desired advertising spot?

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