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Twittie – New Twitter business analytics with focus on geolocation

Twittie is a new analytical tool for everone who professionally uses Twitter. It is designed to help in increasing engagement and sales. Twittie is a service that focuses on the country of its users, and gives them all the statistics and tips on how to engage and monitor leads within a specific location. Currently, it focuses on the British and Polish market, with others coming soon. We invite users from other locations to test us as well.

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To be successful online you need to write for people with personality disorder

Recently Jonah Peretti – the cofounder of The Huffington Post – gave a talk on viral marketing and internet buzz. Fortunately, for those, who were not there to hear Mr Peretti, Business Insider posted the whole PowerPoint presentation online. The presentation answers a very interesting and hot question of “What goes viral on the web?” Many think they already know the answer, but do they, really? Mr Peretti proved with The Huffington Post that he is truly on top of the game, which makes his advice even more valuable.

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Social Media in plain English

Did it ever happen to you that you tried to explain what social networking is, but your audience just didn’t follow? I sometimes talk to entrepreneurs or small business owners, who know something like the social media exist, but nothing more than Facebook pops into their minds. The social media freak I am, I start explaining that we have Facebook and it is good to drive traffic to your site, but they should also try Twitter, because people engage with your brand more often there. Sometimes, I forget that I should speak in very plain English, since for them, social media is not that obvious. Once I say “retweet”, “monitor” or “social button”, I start loosing their attention.

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The key to Huffington Post success

People are very social creatures and their desire to share lives with others is something that nowadays is happening as much online as offline. Thanks to Facebook, the precursor of online socialising, more and more social services appear on the internet. Facebook was the first one to show that people, who love computers and internet will also love the real life behaviour online. Now that Mark Zuckerberg and his team made it extremely easy to catch up with friends, make new ones, and share your thoughts online, other companies followed. The reaction of users was so good that companies started making loads of money and a new hot trend appeared – the social networking.

Newspapers are one of the many things that we like to share our opinion on, hence it was inevitable that with the new socialising trend, people searched for online news that can be easily shared.

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Google+ inside and out

I have been using Google+ since Thursday evening, or should I say Friday morning (it was already 3am). From the very beginning I really enjoyed all the Circles, Hangouts and Streams. The feature I like the most are the Hangouts. I talk a lot on Skype but didn’t want to pay a monthly fee for video conferencing, and now I don’t have to! Hangouts allow you to chat with up to 10 people at once. You would think it will be a mess with so many people talking, but with Hangouts it really isn’t. Like in a group, the one who speaks the loudest is the one getting into the center of attention – into main camera window. If you don’t like someone talking too much, you can mute him. You can even play a YouTube video simultaneously, showing friends your cool movies. But I won’t be describing all the features, I think groovyPost did it very well. Let’s focus on news and opinions about Google+ on the inside and outside of the network.

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