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How important is Social in SoLoMo customer model

The idea of shopping has evolved since the Internet started to be the integral part of everyone’s lives. Potential clients are no longer walking the streets or riding cars, they are on mobile devices using the social media. You think I exaggerate?

In July 2012, Nielsen published a report proving that mobile traffic from surfing the web increased by 82%, traffic from mobile apps rose by 85% and PC traffic dropped by 4%. This shows that if you are a business owner, your target audience is on mobile. You can’t just have a website. It has to be a website with proper user journey, great experience and it has to load as fast as Google, otherwise your clients will go to other sites that load in a few seconds instead of minutes. Moreover, the site has to have a mobile version. It can’t be a squeezed version of the online site, it must be a proper mobile version with smaller icons, good menu layout etc.

When you will be going outside of your cosy flat, take a second and look around. On the streets, people walk with their noses glued to smartphones, the same happens in buses or the metro. On top of that they most probably are using social networking apps during that time. According to Nielsen, consumers increased their social app time by 76% over the last year. People pin, like, comment, tweet and now, since social media gives more opportunities for advertisers, they are exposed to recommendations of your products.

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No one can hurt your business like yourself

igThis week, Instagram has announced its proposition for the new Terms of Service, infuriating most of its users in what the Financial Post called a “suicide note“. In short, the new TOS would give Instagram the rights to: 1) share any user data with Facebook and 3rd parties outside, 2) be paid to use your data & photos in advertisements and 3) display ads not explicitly labeled as ads.

In case a user disagrees with the new TOS, he can’t just opt-out. He has to either delete his account or make it private. Instagram community exploded.

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