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Tumblr is no. 1 social network for young adults in US

Social Networks Usage

A recent study by Garry Tan shows that Tumblr is the most popular social network among people aged 13 to 25. Garry surveyed 1,038 people from two age groups of 13-18 and 19-25, and in both cases the results showed they use Tumblr more often than Facebook. Twitter came third, but while it’s a clear 3rd runner among 19-25, teenagers use Instagram almost as often as Twitter.

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Trends in interactive design 2013

I would like to point you to the following presentation by Petra Sell. Whether you are a developer, designer, product manager or web executive, you should go through these slides and see what are the current and upcoming trends and technologies for creating the best experience for your clients.

The game has changed, and excelling in backend technology or design beauty is just not enough – you have to create the most useful experience, simple, straightforward and valuable. It’s a big challenge, and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I was surprised how quickly I scrolled through all the 147 Petra’s slides, but that’s just another sign of how fascinating this keynote is.

Prophets Agency presents "ID13": the trends in Interactive Design for 2013. Third year in a row, after the ID11 and ID12 trends. Written and designed by our Design Director Petra [...]

How LinkedIn Just Made 10 Million People Feel Special

Each week, I receive several emails from LinkedIn, and I delete them all. I even tried to turn the email notifications off. But this week was different, I received something special from LinkedIn – a beautiful "spam" message telling me I have "one of the top 10% most viewed profiles of 2012." It felt very personal.

LinkedIn marketing team pulled off a very impressive email campaign, targeting top 5%, 10% profiles, early users in particular countries, all wrapped in a nicely-designed letter and a beautiful landing page with a message from the SVP and ability to share your stat via social networks. This is how you make your users feel special.

I’m rarely impressed by email spam, but LinkedIn is doing something brilliant right now. I just got an email telling me that I have one of the top 5% most [...]

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