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Trends in interactive design 2013

I would like to point you to the following presentation by Petra Sell. Whether you are a developer, designer, product manager or web executive, you should go through these slides and see what are the current and upcoming trends and technologies for creating the best experience for your clients.

The game has changed, and excelling in backend technology or design beauty is just not enough – you have to create the most useful experience, simple, straightforward and valuable. It’s a big challenge, and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I was surprised how quickly I scrolled through all the 147 Petra’s slides, but that’s just another sign of how fascinating this keynote is.

Prophets Agency presents "ID13": the trends in Interactive Design for 2013. Third year in a row, after the ID11 and ID12 trends. Written and designed by our Design Director Petra [...]


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