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How important is Social in SoLoMo customer model

The idea of shopping has evolved since the Internet started to be the integral part of everyone’s lives. Potential clients are no longer walking the streets or riding cars, they are on mobile devices using the social media. You think I exaggerate?

In July 2012, Nielsen published a report proving that mobile traffic from surfing the web increased by 82%, traffic from mobile apps rose by 85% and PC traffic dropped by 4%. This shows that if you are a business owner, your target audience is on mobile. You can’t just have a website. It has to be a website with proper user journey, great experience and it has to load as fast as Google, otherwise your clients will go to other sites that load in a few seconds instead of minutes. Moreover, the site has to have a mobile version. It can’t be a squeezed version of the online site, it must be a proper mobile version with smaller icons, good menu layout etc.

When you will be going outside of your cosy flat, take a second and look around. On the streets, people walk with their noses glued to smartphones, the same happens in buses or the metro. On top of that they most probably are using social networking apps during that time. According to Nielsen, consumers increased their social app time by 76% over the last year. People pin, like, comment, tweet and now, since social media gives more opportunities for advertisers, they are exposed to recommendations of your products.

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New SoLoMo consumer purchasing process

Did you know that today you can probably choose from 10 billion different products and services in New York City versus 300 items available in a traditional hunter-gatherer society some 500 years ago? – estimates Professor Eric Beinhocker from Harvard University.

Nowadays, the consumer is flooded with product options, and on one hand he expects to have a wide choice, but on the other hand he is overwhelmed with too much information. The way to deal with such a problem is to use new technologies like smartphones, social media, location services and internet. The new resources bring help to an overwhelmed customers, who uses these innovations to make research and get fast feedback from their friends. The model in which this process is done is called SoLoMo – a Social-Local-Mobile way of purchasing goods.

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6 ways to bring your Instagram pictures to life

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photo sharing site on mobile devices. According to ComScore it had 22.7M unique visitors in July 2012. Instagram was first launched on iOS (Apple mobile operating system). Soon, it gained huge audience and launched its app also on Android, where PicPlz (application based on identical idea) was pushed a side and forced to quit not much later. Instagram has many users whose day can’t go by without checking what’s new on Instagram and posting few photos while they’re still there.

I also use Instagram and love how easy it is to make my ordinary camera capture into something eye-catching and stylish. Now there is also a way, actually there are at least 6 ways, to bring those incredible photos to life.

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Huge changes for IKEA customers

I am an IKEA customer. Putting their furniture together is not only cheaper, but also a big fun. It’s like having a larger Lego set to assemble. The furniture is always in pieces, packed together in a relatively small box, which means they are relatively easy to move. Hence, if you are changing your flat, you can disassemble your furniture, decrease their size and move to your new home. We (the IKEA customers) like seeing creative and nicely done expositions with ideas for arranging our flats and houses. We know that even with fully decorated flat we will always find something worth buying in the shop. Can this change in the future?

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Twitter Christmas

Yesterday I saw the first snow this year, covering the gloominess of winter in the city. At once, everything seemed brighter, cleaner and nicer. The thought that crossed my mind was: “This finally looks like Christmas!”. Funny, but till that moment I didn’t even realize how close we were to Holidays. Today, I decided to check how Twitter Christmas looks like. I opened Twittie and entered a few tags and phrases into the monitoring tab. After a short moment I was up to date with the hottest Christmas campaigns, quotes and offers.

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Twittie – smart Twitter analytics for every location

http://twittie.comI have been using social media for a while now. I like Google+, Facebook, Picplz, but my number one is still Twitter. Why? Because it gives me brief and real time information about current events. Moreover, you can feel like a participant of any conference by listening and engaging under conference #tag. There is also a huge business side to Twitter. It gives companies the possibility to research among huge focus groups, improve customer relationship, spread the word about new products, deals, promotions, get new ideas and inspirations for the business. It even helps in finding employees.

The power of Twitter is truly huge and many great services are built based on it. There are Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Hootsuite, which help you schedule your tweets, read your tweet lists and manage your profile. There are services like Storify, which puts tweets together creating stories on a given subject, or analytic services, displaying data gathered from Twitter in forms of graphs and numbers. However I still couldn’t find a service that will help me see how should I tweet in order to be more successful. Moreover, to be successful only within my country. This is exactly what Twittie does.

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Twitter – a dangerous nerd toy or a powerful communicator and information source

Times are changing, TV and radio are no longer the only and true source of information. The internet, and especially the social networks like Twitter, are becoming faster in delivering information and as influential as popular TV channels, or even more. Twitter was the first to publish information about the raid on Bin Laden. One of the users (Sohaib Athar, a.k.a. @ReallyVirtual) started tweeting, unaware what he was really describing.

His tweets gave a detailed story of the attack and death of the Al-Qaeda leader. Twitter also is a crucial part of the more recent events, like the unexpected storm in Pukkelpop (Belgium), English Riots or The Wall Street Protests. In most of these cases it was used by its users to help and update each other on the current situation. However, it happened that some users tried to make even bigger chaos and panic than the one already present.

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What has Facebook been up to

On Thursday the fourth Facebook F8 conference took place. It started with a funny performance by Andy Samberg posing as Mark Zuckerberg. Andy described his vision of an awesome “slow-poke”. Don’t you hate it when you poke someone you shouldn’t have, just because you drank a too much? Slow-poke is the answer. The poke that takes 24h to become a real thing, so you still can get sober and retract your misdoing the next day. Do you like it? Don’t get your hopes up though, cause it was just a joke. ;)

Mark Zuckerberg had quite a different vision. He announced two major things: the Timeline, and the new generation of apps based on the Open Graph.

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Why your business needs data analysis

Data analysis is a part of the Business Intelligence. It can be used for many purposes: confirmation of a hypothesis, forecasting, or discovering new features in data. We are all surrounded by information and being able to see the bigger picture can help us make an informed decision. In the past, many business decisions used to be made based on a hunch, because no one actually could get data from thousands of people at once. Now, with the internet, you don’t even have to make surveys to get your market research. The information is out there and all you need to do is make an analysis and draw the conclusions.

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